7 Ways To Keep Your Patio Cool and Comfortable In The Summer

The summer heat doesn’t have to mark the end of your outdoor fun. Here are 7 ways to keep your patio cool and comfortable while entertaining your friends and family all summer long: 

#1: Build an Outdoor Bar

To prevent dehydration and heat stroke on a hot summer’s day, there is nothing more refreshing than cocktails, soda, and other cold beverages. With the help of an outdoor bar, you are granted easy access to thirst-quenching beverages without the need to go inside. 

#2: Invest in an Outdoor Fan

Outdoor fans are responsible for circulating air around your patio, offering a much needed breeze on hot days. Homeowners have many outdoor fans options to choose from, as some can be installed on the ceiling of a patio covering or stand alone on the ground. Some fan varieties even come with water misting capabilities. 

#3: Create Shade Over Your Patio Space

Shading your patio space is one of the easiest ways to prevent sunburns and block the sun’s bright rays from impairing your vision. Some of the best forms of shade for patios include retractable coverings, like retractable roofs or awnings. Retractable coverings are one of the most versatile shading options, as you can choose to unravel or retract them based on the weather. 

Another excellent shade option for patios are stand-alone umbrellas or dining table umbrellas. Umbrellas above an outdoor dining table or outdoor furniture make hosting guests for barbeques and dinner parties an absolute breeze. 

#4: Install an Outdoor Pool 

Nothing says summer fun like a dip in the pool. Install an in-ground pool on your patio as a perfect outlet to cool off during the sun’s peak heat. Pools also lend themselves perfectly for hosting your friends and family for a summer pool party. Although the maintenance of a pool is more rigorous than some of the other ideas, it is easily one of the most effective options for combating the sun’s sweltering rays. 

If installing a pool isn’t the best fit for your backyard, there are other great options for cooling off your patio with water. This includes adding outdoor sprinklers, blow up kiddie pools, misting fans, or  a beautiful outdoor fountain. 

#5: Try a Stylish Pergola

Pergolas are undoubtedly one of the most stunning shade options for your patio, as there are a variety of materials, designs, and styles to choose from. Unlike a retractable awning or covering, pergolas are an entirely separate structure from the home and have an open aired lattice ceiling that allows some of the breeze and sun to flow into the patio.

Pergolas are especially great for defining and sprucing up your patio space. This is because there are a plethora of stylish accessories that can be added onto their base. Dress your pergola up with string lights, ceiling fans, canopies, or hanging plants. 

#6: Keep Out Bugs With Retractable Patio Shades

Say goodbye to bugs and sun and hello to a comfortable space with the addition of retractable patio screens and shades. With the press of a button, motorized patio screens can shield your space from just about any adverse weather condition outside. Perhaps the best part about retractable screens is that they are completely transparent, which prevents them from impairing the views of beautiful outdoor scenery and landscapes.

#7: Keep The Heat Away From Your Patio

While grills, bonfires, and outdoor stoves are all wonderful additions to have in a backyard entertaining space, they can significantly contribute to a high patio temperature when used during peak summer months. To keep these accessories from hindering your comfort, try installing these heat sources away from your patio and into a lesser used part of your yard. 

High-Quality Retractable Shades At Your Fingertips

As you can see, the methods for creating a cool and comfortable patio space are truly endless. For high quality motorized patio shades and retractable porch screens on the Texas marketplace, look no further than to the incredible products from Shade Outdoor Living Solutions today.

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