With Smart Louvered Pergolas, You Can Bring the Indoors Out

Smart Pergolas, also known as operable pergolas, louvered pergolas, and opening roofs, transform your outdoor living space, offering:

Protection from the sun – Our smart louvered pergolas feature pivoting louver blades that rotate to protect you from the hot Texas sun .

Protection from the elements – All of our pergolas have interlocking louver blades that direct water to an integrated gutter system, so your enjoyment of the outdoors doesn’t stop with a sudden rain shower.

Integrated smart technology – Using the remote control or our integrated smartphone app, you can create a comfortable outdoor space with the touch of a button. With our exclusive technology, you are even able to program your louvers to change angles according to the direction of the sun automatically 

A luxurious appearance – Smart pergolas add a breezy decadence to your outdoor living space. For inspiration and examples of our smart pergola installations in Austin, take a look at our gallery. 

Optional motorized shades – Our smart roofs have optional features you can’t find anywhere else, such as our optional motorized patio shades. See our FAQ for more information! 


The Struxure™, Our Most Popular Smart Louvered Roof

The Struxure™ (formerly known as Arcadia) motorized adjustable smart pergola is custom-crafted for Texans who enjoy outdoor living. The Struxure™ allows comfortable outdoor living, rain or shine, with interlocking louver blades that create rain channels, directing water to the integrated gutter system. Also known as an operable pergola, a louvered pergola, or an opening roof,  the Arcadia allows sunlight when you want it and protection from the elements when you need it.

Simply press a button on the Struxure™ remote control or use the integrated smartphone app to control the louvers. When activated, the louvers open to allow you to enjoy the morning sun, and rotate to create shade when the Texas heat intensifies. When closed, the louvers prevent rain from entering your living space by guiding water into the integrated gutter system.

The Struxure™ can turn an intolerable day into a very comfortable one.  Feel 30 degrees cooler on hot Austin days, as the angle of the louvers adjusts to create shade while ceiling fans circulate a cooling breeze. Leaving the roof closed during the heat of the day protects patio furniture and keeps the underlying patio floor cool.

Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions will construct your Arcadia operable pergola in any shape and size, matching your home’s architecture. And installation generally takes three days or fewer!

Pivot XL, the Original Award-Winning Smart Pergola


Introduced in 2011, the Pivot is the original Arcadia. An award-winning smart pergola, it is a customer favorite in Austin (take a look at our testimonials). The Pivot XL provides sun when you want it and shade when you NEED it! The Pivot XL is a fantastic and innovative means of adding shade to your outdoor living space. 

With 170 degree range of motion, water-tight louver integration that directs water to an integrated gutter system, and Arcadia’s patented iLouver technology, the Pivot XL allows you to enjoy outdoor living in nearly any weather! Unique to Arcadia, programmable settings allow the louvers to track the sun automatically.

The Arcadia Slide, Our Smart Louvered Roof

Open up the possibilities with our newest Smart Louvered Roof option, The Arcadia Slide. The Arcadia Slide offers the same great benefits of the Pivot, with the added ability to slide open for unobstructed, full views of the beautiful Austin sky. The smart louvers are able to pivot at any slide position, making the Arcadia Slide our most versatile option.


What Our Clients Are Saying


Shade Outdoor Living Solutions out of Austin just completed our Arcadia Louvered Roof here in the Canyon Lake, TX area. After looking at some other options out there, this was an easy choice in regards to durability, low cost of maintenance, and the 10 year warranty on the work and structure itself. The install took two days. The crew was great, on time, knowledgeable, and kept us informed and involved throughout. I have and would recommended this product to my closest friends and family members. Very happy with the purchase!

— Charles T.

I hired Shade Outdoor Living Solutions to install an Arcadia Louvered Roof system at my house. I am extremely pleased with the results. It looks great and has totally changed the look and feel of my outdoor space. My specific project included a single support beam with two sides of the porch attached to my roof. It’s very stable. I also had them wire the system for a ceiling fan and two LED lights. Before adding the porch, we had no desire to spend time in the back yard because it was too hot. Now, it’s very inviting and we’ve added some party lights to make it look and feel even better. In fact, one of my teenage sons said “the porch looks cool and modern and now it makes the rest of your house look old.” So there’s that. I’m extremely pleased and would highly recommend the Arcadia louvered roof system from Shade Outdoor Living Solutions. It looks awesome and completely changed my back yard. Everyone that has been to my house also really likes it.

— Greg B.

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