Ways to Make Your Patio Look & Feel Larger

There are certainly advantages to having a smaller backyard. For example, you’re able to spend less time mowing the lawn and performing other maintenance tasks […]

How to Bring Your Smart Home Outdoors

Did you know your smart home extends beyond the interior walls of your living space? Most smart devices require only a Bluetooth or wifi connection […]

Bringing Your Smart Home Outdoors

Your smart home is a technological marvel. Years ago, we wouldn’t possibly imagine that you could control so many aspects like your house’s air conditioning, […]

How to Host the Best Backyard BBQ

There’s nothing quite like that delicious, smokey smell of a backyard barbeque that makes us appreciate a summertime gathering of family and friends. Even as […]

Sunesta Free Awning Motor Sale Ends 10/15

Attention Austin residents looking for an end of the season deal!  Sunesta is giving away free motors to purchasers of retractable awnings.  Savings of $800 apply.  […]

The Benefits of Shade

As much as we love that Vitamin D for our skin, keeping our pools warm, and heat that resonates so well with that Texas summer feel, there can be a little too much at times.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Living Space

A lot of time goes into the planning and execution for the perfect outdoor living space for your home. First and foremost are the questions that we all have pondered at some point in our busy lives while staring curiously into the depths of our backyard.

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