Bringing Your Smart Home Outdoors

Your smart home is a technological marvel. Years ago, we wouldn’t possibly imagine that you could control so many aspects like your house’s air conditioning, lighting, and music from a handful of devices. 

But now, smart homes are becoming ever more common, and homeowners don’t even have to lift a finger to adjust their AC or dim the lights; they can just shout a command to their personal home assistant device, and it’s done. 

Now it’s time for another surprising revelation: all the convenience of your smart home doesn’t have to be limited to the indoors. Rather, there are now dozens of products and smart devices that can take the sophisticated technology that powers your home and bring it outside. 

Read on to learn about some of the most interesting new devices, as well as practical things you can do to make your home open-air and ensure easy access to the great outdoors.

Indoor Technology Outdoors

There is a wide variety of devices that can help you take the modern-day convenience of your smart home and bring it outdoors.

One of the best things about smart houses is the ability to adjust your lighting in a flexible, simple and adaptable manner. With a few taps or commands from the app of your choice, you can dim the lights, turn them up, or change the color, and with portable lighting devices, you can bring that convenience with you wherever you go.

 Depending on the specific device you choose, you might be able to connect it to the apps and networks of your choice, so it can sync with the rest of your home, your other devices, and your favorite apps.

The same is true of mobile speakers. With a device like this, you can seamlessly adjust your playlist and seamlessly enjoy the same music you were listening to indoors. Such mobile speakers can also integrate with your existing apps or smart infrastructure, so one you get one of these, you can experience the same sound quality and convenience that you would enjoy indoors.

And of course, what is a smart home without your very own personal voice assistant? With multiple speakers, you can make sure your voice assistant is always near to hear your commands, and you can set up some portable speakers outside in your yard or patio to maximize this convenience. Additionally, if you’re using any appliances outside such as heaters or lights, make sure you use a smart adapter so it can be tied to your home assistant device.

Add a New Room to Your House With a Retractable Awning

Thanks to advances in technology, every room in your house can be fitted out with smart devices. But smart technology isn’t limited to just the rooms that are already built into your house; instead, it can even add and remove an extra room whenever you want! How can this be done? 

With a high-quality retractable awning or automatic screen on your porch, patio, or pergola, you can protect all your outdoor devices and gain an extra room in your house at a moment’s notice.

An automatic screen isn’t just a simple shade. From the right professional vendor, motorized automatic screens can withstand high-speed winds, retain heat, and protect your patio from annoying pests

Similarly, a retractable awning can shield your porch from rain when weather conditions get serious, meaning that you’ll never have to worry about your outdoor smart devices getting soaked or blown away in a storm. An effective outdoor awning is critical to helping you bring your smart home lifestyle outdoors safely and conveniently.

Expand Your Smart Home With Shade Outdoor Living Solutions

Life is more dynamic than ever before, and an automatic screen and awning from Shade Outdoor Living Solutions can help facilitate a technology-driven lifestyle by making it easy for you to take your smart home products outdoors to wherever you are. Whether you want an extra room in your house or you want to protect your outdoor equipment, an automatic awning can help you maintain a connected lifestyle

Shade Outdoor Solutions has been providing comprehensive shade services for nearly twenty years, so we have the skills and experience to install the retractable awning and automatic screen you need. Contact us today for a free quote.

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