Ways to Make Your Patio Look & Feel Larger

There are certainly advantages to having a smaller backyard. For example, you’re able to spend less time mowing the lawn and performing other maintenance tasks […]

How to Bring Your Smart Home Outdoors

Did you know your smart home extends beyond the interior walls of your living space? Most smart devices require only a Bluetooth or wifi connection […]

Bringing Your Smart Home Outdoors

Your smart home is a technological marvel. Years ago, we wouldn’t possibly imagine that you could control so many aspects like your house’s air conditioning, […]

How to Host the Best Backyard BBQ

There’s nothing quite like that delicious, smokey smell of a backyard barbeque that makes us appreciate a summertime gathering of family and friends. Even as […]

Sunesta Free Awning Motor Sale Ends 10/15

Attention Austin residents looking for an end of the season deal!  Sunesta is giving away free motors to purchasers of retractable awnings.  Savings of $800 apply.  […]

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