Choosing the Right Outdoor Living Space

A lot of time goes into the planning and execution for the perfect outdoor living space for your home. First and foremost are the questions that we all have pondered at some point in our busy lives while staring curiously into the depths of our backyard. Some of those questions may have been: “I already have my plans figured out, but I don’t have near the time or experience needed to build something so intricate.” “Do we need a full structure, or is an awning sufficient enough for our needs?” “I like cooking and entertaining outside, but it gets so hot in the summer and I can never predict the weather.”

The realization is that all of those questions are all valid ones considering that time, effort, and cost can become even more apparent and burdening than planned. The answer is simple; it’s protection from the elements that we all want. However, it’s the in between steps that are not so solvable.

The best direction to the design of a perfect backyard is to determine the use of space and how you specifically use it. Are you a foodie that can’t wait to grill all weekend long? How about the pool and sun loungers that need just a little Vitamin D, but not too much. After you figure out how much time you’ll be spending out in your own private oasis, the answers may become a little more obvious.

As one of Austin and San Antonio’s premier shade companies we have the pleasure of working alongside you to make your vision for your home become a reality. From retractable awnings that cover only areas that you need covered during the day’s hottest times, to shade coverings that retrofit to existing pergolas, and Arcadia Opening Roofs that provide shelter and allow you to be in total control of the sun, we have the solution for every style of home out there. Your home is your place to regroup and regather, so why not make it comfortable and add some style with over 150 colors and multiple fabrics to choose from. The selection is endless and trust us, we’ve got more flavors than your local Baskin Robbins, Andy’s Frozen Custard, and Sonic to choose from. Shade Outdoor Living Solutions will solve all of your outdoor needs and dreams to create your perfect backyard and outdoor living space while keeping your cone from melting.

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