How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

Shade Outdoor Living Solutions produces motorized shades and screens that withstand high winds so that our customers can be sure that their investment is durable enough to last through the years. Hurricane season doesn’t just affect those people living at the coast; even if you live as far inland as Austin, you will notice the weather changes caused by hurricanes, such as flooding, strong winds, and even tornadoes. 

By properly preparing for hurricane season, you will be able to avoid potentially devastating situations. 

Understand the Risks for Your Location

The risks associated with hurricane season are different for every location; it’s important to understand what it is you are preparing for before a hurricane hits. Someone at the coast may need to prepare for a very different situation than a person residing inland. 

Find out what a typical hurricane season is like for your area, so that you can make sure you are prepared for the correct situation. 

Once you find out the risks for your location, you can start using the steps below to make sure that you are adequately prepared for hurricane season each year, preferably well ahead of time. 

Plan Ahead in Case of Evacuation

If you are in an area that has regular evacuations during hurricane season, or if you are in an area that sometimes experiences extreme weather or flooding, you will need to create an evacuation plan. You should take into consideration your specific situation and needs, such as any disabled family members, dietary and medical needs, and children and pets. 

When you are creating your plan you will want to decide on meeting places in case of separation, how you will receive alerts, updates, and news, and what you will do if you or your family members are at work or school when the need to evacuate arises. 

Stock Up on Supplies and Keep them Accessible

Whether you are in a high-risk area like Houston, or somewhere inland that may experience intense winds or tornadoes and possible floodings, such as Austin, Bee Cave, Westlake, or Lakeway, you will want to stock up on supplies for hurricane season and keep them where they are accessible. Supplies may include things such as water and shelf-stable food, medication, disinfectant, a radio, flashlights, and a first aid kit. 

Other items that can make a power outage more comfortable include a generator, a camp stove or other way to heat up food, and solar chargers for cell phones or other small electronics.

Protect Your Property

Depending on your location, you may need to put boards over your windows or check to see if drainage is adequate on your property if flooding occurs. If you have motorized screens, motorized shades, outdoor furniture, or large items such as a trampoline that may get blown away or damaged due to wind or weather conditions, you will want to make sure you prepare them for the incoming weather by securing everything and putting loose items inside or in storage. 

This includes bringing outdoor furniture and securing lawn ornaments. But, if you’ve recently purchased a MagnaTrack retractable awning, your work is already done. Since they’re rather to withstand 80 mph winds, they won’t rip away or damage your property like other retractable shades might.

Compile Insurance Information

Read over your insurance policy to find out what is and isn’t covered in case your property gets damaged. It’s also a good idea to take an inventory of your possessions, along with photos, so that it’s easier to make a claim if anything happens. 

You can keep a hard copy on file, but it’s smart to back up any information on a cloud drive so that you can access it from anywhere, and it’s not in danger of getting damaged or destroyed. If you do need to make an insurance claim, you won’t have to search for the information you need. 

Motorized Screens and Shades that Withstand High Winds

If you are in Austin or surrounding areas, such as Lakeway, Bee Cave, or Westlake, and are looking for beautiful motorized screens and shades that are durable enough to withstand the high winds and harsh weather that can occur during hurricane season, contact Shade Outdoor Living Solutions today! 

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