Motorized Outdoor Shades in Lakeway

Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions offers modern convenience answers to a universal problem: the weather.

More people are choosing to enjoy their outdoor spaces for entertaining or relaxing on a lazy afternoon, and we’re proud to provide premium quality, technologically advanced motorized outdoor shades for Lakeway homeowners.

We provide the best quality motorized shades and customizable retractable screens to keep away the sun’s rays, rain, and insects that can spoil a gathering of family and friends.

Motorized Screens for Lakeway Homes

The sun beats down hard in Texas, and the weather can be extreme and unpredictable. Be prepared for quick changes and anything nature can throw at you with sturdy motorized porch shades to keep your home dry and safe.

Retractable screens and shades can be adjusted to accommodate changing rain, wind, and sun activity from the comfort of your chair. Extend the season of enjoying time outdoors with shade, screens, and protection at the touch of a button.

The remote-activated deployment and retraction mechanisms work smoothly and efficiently to provide comfortable outdoor spaces throughout the year and changing seasons.

Affordable, High-Quality Retractable Shades in Lakeway

Lakeway, Texas is nestled into beautiful hills northwest of Austin. Lakeway sees all kinds of weather changes, and the winds that whip through the hills and valleys can be fierce. Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions offers a wide range of options for premium quality patio screens, such as our MagnaTrack retractable awning that can withstand winds up to 85 miles an hour.  

Benefits of Retractable Shades and Screens

Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions is an industry leader in providing motorized shades and retractable screens Lakeway residents use to enjoy their porches and outdoor areas to the fullest. These quality shades and screens do more than just keep the sun out of your eyes. Additional benefits include:

  • Quality construction and materials prolong lifespan
  • Improves overall look and function of the home
  • Increases resale property value
  • Cools areas in direct sunlight by 10-20 degrees
  • Protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Structural protection from water build-up
  • Holds up under hurricane-force winds, surpassing Miami-Dade County building code certification
  • Protects interior belongings from damaging sunlight
  • Helps to control interior temperature and save on energy bills

If you are ready to spend more time in the great outdoors in the comfort of your own backyard, contact a member of our team today!

What Our Clients Are Saying


Shade Outdoor Living Solutions out of Austin just completed our Arcadia Louvered Roof here in the Canyon Lake, TX area. After looking at some other options out there, this was an easy choice in regards to durability, low cost of maintenance, and the 10 year warranty on the work and structure itself. The install took two days. The crew was great, on time, knowledgeable, and kept us informed and involved throughout. I have and would recommended this product to my closest friends and family members. Very happy with the purchase!

— Charles T.

I hired Shade Outdoor Living Solutions to install an Arcadia Louvered Roof system at my house. I am extremely pleased with the results. It looks great and has totally changed the look and feel of my outdoor space. My specific project included a single support beam with two sides of the porch attached to my roof. It’s very stable. I also had them wire the system for a ceiling fan and two LED lights. Before adding the porch, we had no desire to spend time in the back yard because it was too hot. Now, it’s very inviting and we’ve added some party lights to make it look and feel even better. In fact, one of my teenage sons said “the porch looks cool and modern and now it makes the rest of your house look old.” So there’s that. I’m extremely pleased and would highly recommend the Arcadia louvered roof system from Shade Outdoor Living Solutions. It looks awesome and completely changed my back yard. Everyone that has been to my house also really likes it.

— Greg B.

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