Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions offers many products to help you enjoy beautiful sunny days outside in the elements. Whatever your property size or style, we’ve got the right custom awnings, solar screens, motorized pergolas, and more, custom-designed and assembled.  Choose the style of retractable roof that’s right for you and give Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions of Austin a call for fast, professional installation.

Retractable Solar Screens

For homeowners in Austin in need of temporary cover from bright sunlight, a retractable solar screen is the ideal solution. Our motorized MagnaTrack retractable screens provide perfect cover, helping regulate the temperature in your outdoor entertaining areas whatever the Austin weather. MagnaTrack motorized outdoor screens come with a 5-year limited warranty included as standard, and as they’re built to withstand winds up to 85 miles per hour, they’re the perfect choice for exposed properties. Expand your living space with a retractable patio screen. With MagnaTrack motorized screens, assembled right here in Austin, there’s no complicated setup required once the solar screen is installed: you can transform your home at the touch of a button.


If you’re looking to expand your outdoor living space in Austin, our range of Struxure (formerly Arcadia) motorized pergolas are the optimal solution. Custom-made in Austin by Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions to complement your property and taste, these retractable pergolas provide dynamic shade and shelter from all weather conditions. Our louvered pergolas have a variety of settings to filter sunlight or deflect rain and come in a variety of colors, covers, and styles to suit any home.

Pivot XL

The Pivot XL is the original Struxure (formerly known as Arcadia) motorized pergola, and is still a winning design for many homes in the Austin area. With 170-degree adjustable louvers that can automatically track sunlight to give you consistent shade throughout the day, and a watertight integration to keep rain out, you’ll always be sitting pretty outside.

Struxure Slide

The Struxure slide(formerly known as Arcadia slide) has all the great features of the Pivot XL, and one very special enhancement. The Slide can be fully retracted to give you an unobstructed view of the sky when the weather is right. Perfect for those spring and fall days when the sun isn’t too bright, or for those who want a dynamic outdoor space with a less permanent feel.

Retractable Awnings

We proudly offer Sunesta, the industry’s leader in motorized awnings, covers, and outdoor comfort, to our customers looking to enjoy beautiful sunny days. Available in a wide range of colors and five valance styles, Sunesta retractable awnings can be styled to match any architectural style or taste. Sunesta motorized awnings are thoroughly tested to withstand even hurricane force winds. Electric awnings also come supplied with a wind sensor so they automatically retract if necessary, protecting them from damage even when you’re not at home. Sunesta retractable patio awnings can be installed in spaces up to 40 feet wide with projections up to 14’8″ inches, making a retractable awning the perfect addition to your Austin home.

Retractable Roofs

As well as supplying a variety of Sunesta retractable awnings, we also offer a range of Sunesta motorized roofs. All Sunesta products are backed by a 10-year warranty on the fabric and a five-year warranty on the motor and frame.

The Suncover

The Suncover provides an attractive retractable canopy for your pergola, skylights, or sunroom. The power to control sunlight is at your fingertips with Sunesta’s original custom canopy. The Suncover features incredible durability, particularly in its resistance to fading, fungus, and mold. The Suncover also conforms to whatever dimensions you need, making it perfect for any hard-to-cover spot in the outdoor living area of your Austin home.

The Sunplus

Want to take your retractable shelter to the next level with a powerful motorized canopy? Drive the heavy Austin rain away from your deck or patio with Sunesta’s Sunplus retractable patio roof. Similar to the Suncover, the Sunplus is manufactured with gutters that handle rain run-off. Sturdy and able to withstand wind gusts of over 45 miles per hour, the Sunplus includes a wireless remote control and automatic sun and wind sensors to make operating it a breeze.

The Shadespot

Seeking a reliable, freestanding awning to cover an area exposed to harsh sunlight? The Shadespot is Sunesta’s solution for any Austin home. Bolted to the ground at the base, you’re able to set up and stow away the Shadespot at your convenience. With many features similar to other Sunesta products, the Shadespot is a great outdoor retractable canopy suitable for all open spaces.

Pergola Covers

If you have a pergola in your yard, you know getting enough shade from it can be a problem. Pergolas look beautiful, but they’re not always the most practical place to spend the whole day. With our range of retractable sun shades and motorized porch shades, you can enjoy your pergola or porch any time of the day or year. We offer custom designed outdoor shades for any structure, manufactured to your specifications from a range of fabrics to give you the cover you want in a style you love. Choose open-weave materials to allow sunlight to diffuse through your outdoor shades, or pick a closer cloth to keep glaring light at bay.

The Sunesta Sunplus

If you’re looking for the very best in retractable shade, the Sunesta Sunplus is a motorized outdoor solar shade perfect for pergolas or porches. The Sunplus can withstand winds up to 45 miles per hour, and comes installed with gutters to channel rainwater away and protect both shade and structure for years to come.

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What Our Clients Are Saying


Shade Outdoor Living Solutions out of Austin just completed our Arcadia Louvered Roof here in the Canyon Lake, TX area. After looking at some other options out there, this was an easy choice in regards to durability, low cost of maintenance, and the 10 year warranty on the work and structure itself. The install took two days. The crew was great, on time, knowledgeable, and kept us informed and involved throughout. I have and would recommended this product to my closest friends and family members. Very happy with the purchase!

— Charles T.

I hired Shade Outdoor Living Solutions to install an Arcadia Louvered Roof system at my house. I am extremely pleased with the results. It looks great and has totally changed the look and feel of my outdoor space. My specific project included a single support beam with two sides of the porch attached to my roof. It’s very stable. I also had them wire the system for a ceiling fan and two LED lights. Before adding the porch, we had no desire to spend time in the back yard because it was too hot. Now, it’s very inviting and we’ve added some party lights to make it look and feel even better. In fact, one of my teenage sons said “the porch looks cool and modern and now it makes the rest of your house look old.” So there’s that. I’m extremely pleased and would highly recommend the Arcadia louvered roof system from Shade Outdoor Living Solutions. It looks awesome and completely changed my back yard. Everyone that has been to my house also really likes it.

— Greg B.

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