The Highest Quality Retractable Screen. Assembled in Austin by Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions. MagnaTrack screens are the only brand to carry a 5-year limited service warranty free of charge.

What is A Retractable Screen?

A motorized retractable screen allows you to turn your patio into a room with the touch of a button! Retractable patio screens offer protection from insects and the hot Texas sun, and they allow you to retain heat on cool winter days.

Our patio screens cover widths up to 60 feet and projections (height) of 25 feet. Rated to withstand winds up to 85 miles per hour, they are perfect for windy hillside and lakefront homes all over Austin. Storm coming? Lower your screens to protect your patio from wind and rain. No wind sensor necessary!

The video below illustrates the durability of MagnaTrack patio shades:

How Do Motorized Retractable Screens Work?

Motorized screens retract by rolling up into their housing or back down along a vertical track. Ordinary motorized screens, however, utilize a fragile Zipper system that disintegrates under the force of the wind. Encounters with pets and misplaced furniture also damage the Zipper systems. Frequent service calls are necessary to re-wrap or replace fabrics.

The tension of MagnaTrack fabrics is held by a rope instead of a zipper. Even more important, the track itself has “give,” allowing for the screens to withstand significant trauma. 

Ordinary screens are hazardous! The heavy weight bar at the bottom of the screen can injure family, friends, and pets. Not the case with MagnaTrack and its triple-obstacle detection. See the brief video below:

Get The Best Retractable Screen

MagnaTrack retractable screens have no peers. These are the most durable and attractive patio and window screens on the market. Contact Shade-Outdoor Living Solutions today for a free consultation.

MagnaTrack Patio and Window Screens Gallery:

What Our Clients Are Saying


Shade Outdoor Living Solutions out of Austin just completed our Arcadia Louvered Roof here in the Canyon Lake, TX area. After looking at some other options out there, this was an easy choice in regards to durability, low cost of maintenance, and the 10 year warranty on the work and structure itself. The install took two days. The crew was great, on time, knowledgeable, and kept us informed and involved throughout. I have and would recommended this product to my closest friends and family members. Very happy with the purchase!

— Charles T.

I hired Shade Outdoor Living Solutions to install an Arcadia Louvered Roof system at my house. I am extremely pleased with the results. It looks great and has totally changed the look and feel of my outdoor space. My specific project included a single support beam with two sides of the porch attached to my roof. It’s very stable. I also had them wire the system for a ceiling fan and two LED lights. Before adding the porch, we had no desire to spend time in the back yard because it was too hot. Now, it’s very inviting and we’ve added some party lights to make it look and feel even better. In fact, one of my teenage sons said “the porch looks cool and modern and now it makes the rest of your house look old.” So there’s that. I’m extremely pleased and would highly recommend the Arcadia louvered roof system from Shade Outdoor Living Solutions. It looks awesome and completely changed my back yard. Everyone that has been to my house also really likes it.

— Greg B.

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