The Benefits of Shade

As much as we love that Vitamin D for our skin, keeping our pools warm, and heat that resonates so well with that Texas summer feel, there can be a little too much at times. For myself there are more than enough times where I would disregard that last statement, until I looked in the mirror 6 hours later. Living in Texas complete with the best BBQ, fun in the sun, and one of the easiest places to find yourself outside, we have the opportunity to enjoy a summer feel, basically all year-round. We also have one of the largest populations in a state, which means our air conditioning bills are much higher than most.

These are the very reasons that Shade Outdoor Living Solutions was founded. We wanted the same reasons to find ourselves outside enjoying our lawns, pools, and family fun in the sun without living with the consequences of sunburns, dehydration, and sun poisoning just hours later.

Our retractable awnings, Arcadia Opening Roofs, and retractable solar screens are not just the solution you’re looking for, they are your answer for protection from every element that we face here everyday in Central Texas. A few benefits from these products will not only shock you but they will make the perfect amount of sense. With Shade products you can easily be 10-20 degrees cooler in the direct sunlight, be protected by the sun’s excessive harmful UV rays, and even protect your home. Protect my home? Yes, we can even protect your home. Our shade products can wick away water during light drizzles and rain storms, and even the built-in gutters in some of our products can carry water away from the foundation of your home! Not impressed yet? Our products have all been tested in hurricane winds and have received Miami-Dade County certificates for surpassing building codes in the strictest parts of the country. Yeah, sure the wind in Florida is bad, we get it. Still not convinced about what shade can do for you? Did you know that shade can even protect the inside of your home throughout the day. Your pictures, furniture, temperature of your home, drapes, curtains, and paint on the wall can all be affected by harsh directed sunlight over time. With retractable solar screens you can block those harmful UV rays and keep your home temperature down all year-round, savings hundreds of dollars year after year.

We hope to earn your business as Austin and San Antonio’s new standard to shade and outdoor living. We stand by all of our products delivering you the most high-end and most reputable products on the market. Besides who doesn’t like grilling, cooking, reading, or drinking coffee in the rain? It’s the new singing in the rain, and everyone is doing it with Shade Outdoor Living Solutions.

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