Turn Your Backyard Into An Outdoor Living Space

Cultivating a beautiful setting is just as important in a backyard as it is with a home’s indoor space. Especially in the months when the weather’s temperature is just right, a well-designed backyard lends itself perfectly as a comfortable space for entertaining friends and family for all kinds of occasions. 

9 Functional and Decorative Ideas To Elevate A Backyard Living Space 

Not sure where to start with the design process? Luckily, there are a multitude of features, installments, and furniture items to make a backyard feel more like an extension of home. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are 9 of the best ways to take an outdoor space to the next level of comfort and serenity: 

#1: Get Some Shade With A Retractable Awning 

Let’s face it: the Texas sun can feel quite intense on a hot summer’s day. To provide some much needed shade and protection from harmful UV rays, installing a fashionable retractable awning is the way to go. A retractable awning comes out of the side of the house to provide shade and shelter whenever it is needed.

The beauty of retractable awnings is their versatility since they can easily be set up and taken down as the sun’s rays fluctuate throughout the day.

#2: Entertain With An Outdoor Kitchen

Whether it’s indoors or outside, sharing a delicious meal with loved ones brings people closer together. An outdoor kitchen is the perfect space for prepping and cooking meals to serve to guests at a backyard party. With an outdoor kitchen amidst the center of the party, hosts have all of the counter space and equipment needed to feed their guests, which avoids sacrificing the quality time usually lost cooking inside. 

Apart from just the kitchen basics, some fun features to consider with an outdoor kitchen for entertaining include: 

  • Grills and stovetops
  • Ample bar and countertop space 
  • An ice maker
  • A beverage cooler
  • Much more!

#3: Obtain Much Needed Privacy With A Fence 

A gate or a fence is not only a decorative statement, but it also gives homeowners the privacy to host events and relax outside without any worry about safety and security. This allows pets and children to play and run loose in the yard without a care in the world. Depending on the unique style of the home and yard, there are a variety of fence materials, styles and features available to choose from. 

#4: Set The Mood With Lighting 

Purchasing lighting for a backyard serves both functional and aesthetic purposes equally. Lights are essential for helping backyard cookouts and parties extend well into the night with ease! The more lights that are installed in the yard, the easier it is to walk in the dark and enjoy the surrounding decor and space. 

Some design ideas for lighting up a backyard space includes:

  • String lights are a stunning option for setting bohemian ambiance and can be placed above an outdoor dining table or atop a pergola. 
  • Small path lights are great for showcasing beautiful backyard pathways or plants that line a patio or deck. 
  • Lanterns, candles, and tiki torches are all perfect choices for bringing a cozy and romantic feel to a backyard getaway

#5: Plenty Of Outdoor Furniture Is Key

Investing in quality outdoor furniture is one of the best ways to bring comfort and relaxation to an outdoor space. Purchasing plenty of plush outdoor couches, lawn chairs, and other types of seating will make entertaining large groups an absolute breeze! 

Easy elements used to tie the outdoor furniture together include: 

  • Outdoor rugs 
  • Coffee tables
  • Throw pillows 
  • Hanging plants
  • Much more! 

#6: Protect An Outdoor Space With Retractable Patio Screens

Retractable patio shades are one of the best ways to enclose a patio to make it feel safe and protected from the harsh elements of the outdoors. A few of the many protective benefits that accompany the installation of a retractable shade include: 

  • Better shading against UV rays
  • Insect and bug repellent
  • Shield from adverse weather conditions like wind and rain 

This means that outdoor celebrations can always continue with rain or shine. Plus, investing in a motorized patio screen means that all it takes to set up the screen is the touch of a button! 

#7: Flowers and Plants Are Essentials 

Plants and flowers are known to breathe peace, color, and tranquility into any yard’s design. After all, backyards are in the great outdoors, so why not integrate the most beautiful parts of nature throughout the space? Some ideas for decorating with plants include:

  • Potted plants in or around your patio
  • Hanging plants from your porch structure
  • Vines or ivy running up support beams
  • Landscaping with a full-blown garden or bed of flowers

#8: Warm Up With A Toasty Firepit

There is something about the light, smell, and warmth of a fire pit that brings the ultimate cozy vibes to an outdoor space. An open flame is the perfect place for roasting marshmallows and hotdogs, facilitating deep conversations and stories, and reconnecting with family and friends. Plus, fire pits look great in the middle of patios! 

#9: Cultivate Beauty With A Pergola

Pergolas are stunning outdoor open-air structures that create a more concrete and designated space for entertaining. Placing furniture or tables underneath the confines of a pergola mimics the feeling of a room while still letting fresh air breeze through! Ivy, vines, and string lights are all excellent additions to a beautiful pergola. 

Design a Dream-Worthy Backyard Today

With these design ideas in mind, homeowners are well on their way to creating an oasis in their very own backyard! But at the end of the day, transforming an outdoor space from zero to one hundred could not be possible without the help of outdoor shade products like the retractable porch screens and patio shades offered at Shade Outdoor Living Solutions. 

Motorized patio screens and other neat shade products make outdoor living accessible and safe no matter the outdoor’s condition. To obtain the most enjoyable outdoor space possible, invest in a quality shade product today!

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