Ways to Make Your Patio Look & Feel Larger

There are certainly advantages to having a smaller backyard. For example, you’re able to spend less time mowing the lawn and performing other maintenance tasks to keep your landscape in good form. But if you feel confined by your smaller yard and are looking for ways to create the illusion of a bigger yard – as well as enhance its function as an outdoor entertaining space – there are several ways to accomplish those goals.

Use These Landscaping Tricks to Create the Illusion of More Space

Plant Vertically

When designing your garden plan, opt for plants that take up less horizontal space and grow up instead of out. Think about planting tall, slender trees, sturdy long ornamental grasses or vining plants to guide the eyes upward. For color, consider adding vibrant delphiniums, lupines, gladiola, or salvia.

Scale Furniture to Fit the Space

Big, bulky patio furniture will overwhelm a small yard. Apart from size, furniture should also be simple and undistracting so that it blends well with the space instead of becoming the focal point. Some designers suggest buying pieces that have a see-through pattern, which helps to give the space a lighter, airier feel.

If You Don’t Need a Fence, Remove It

If you have dogs or small children, taking your fence away is likely not an option. But if you chose a fence simply for privacy reasons, there are other methods for providing privacy that won’t visually cut off your space. An innovative way to block nosy neighbors is to add an automatic pergola, where you can sit and enjoy a view that’s not cut off by fence posts. 

Blend Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Large windows and sliding glass doors that open up to a patio with a design approach that’s similar to the one inside can create a feeling of more total space. Try to match the colors and styles of both indoor and outdoor “rooms.”

Extend Your Living Space with Patio Structures & Enhancements

Visual tricks can fool the eye, but also consider ways to repurpose your patio to actually extend your living space. Shade Outdoor Living Solutions offers automatic pergolas, adjustable awnings, automatic retractable screens, and outdoor shades that can establish a backyard entertaining destination as well as make your patio space more usable during hot or wet weather.

Automatic Pergolas

Louvered and operable pergolas do more than create a privacy frame on your patio. One push of a button works to keep blazing heat or rain from interrupting your outdoor enjoyment. Our automatic pergolas can be customized to match your current architectural style and they can be built in three days or fewer.

Adjustable Awnings

If you’re simply looking for weather protection on your patio, consider an adjustable awning from Shade Outdoor Living Solutions. These retractable patio outdoor shades will keep the hot Texas sun away when you want some shade, and we sell the only brand that can withstand hurricane-level winds. Although you don’t want to go outside during a hurricane, you won’t have to cut your outdoor time short just because of a little rain. Our adjustable awning fabrics are available in over 150 styles, including several color and pattern selections. You’ll also be able to choose between a number of color options for the awning’s frame.

Automatic Screens

Shade Outdoor Living Solutions offers automatic retractable screens that let you create an outdoor room with one touch of a button. The screens not only protect from sun, rain, wind, and annoying insects, but they also help to retain heat on a cooler day. These outdoor shades are also a great way to add more privacy to your patio without obscuring your view.

Get the Most From Your Small Yard with Shade Outdoor Living Solutions

Visit our gallery to see how our happy customers are using these innovative solutions. Or contact us to request more information about any of our products. A small yard shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Let Shade Outdoor Living Solutions create a customized plan that works for your space.

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